Important wedding anniversaries and what flowers to send

Important anniversaries are special events that happen only once in your life (Hopefully) Your first joint anniversary, or the 50th spent in marital happiness, it's always worth celebrating.

Recognise these precious moments with a thoughtful floral arrangement.

 With so many different flower arrangements available, you might be confused which one to choose. Is one type of flower more suitable for a given stage than another? Put simply, it's important because flowers are incredibly meaningful. That's why there's a special flower for every anniversary.

 Whether it's for your grandparents, parents or any special couple in your life, these are special flowers to be presented on the most important days of their lives - this is a milestone they'll remember for the rest of their lives.


1st Anniversary

The first anniversary is special for many reasons.

This is a special event dedicated not only to the early stages of the couple's shared journey, but also to the change and growth they experience throughout the year. It can be both joyful and challenging, full of laughter and precious moments that they will fondly remember for decades.

Carnations are usually given on this occasion.

It is a bright, delicate and young flower associated with eternal love, enduring beauty and passion. These traits define some of the happiest couples in the world, especially since their shy and youthful appearance is often associated with the magic of teenage love.

According to legend, a person gives a bouquet of carnations and forms an eternal bond with the recipient.

Multicolored stems bring instant joy for any occasion and who doesn't love the spectacle of blush peaches, purples, reds, and pinks vying for a spot in the spotlight? This is a stylish choice for a happy couple celebrating their first year of happiness.

5th Anniversary

Growth is the theme of the 5th year together. This special milestone is dedicated to the couple's shared experience and all that awaits them in the future. It's time to look lovingly at these important moments and look forward and make big plans for them to live together.

On this special day, daisies are often given because of its invigorating appearance and spirit.

The timeless flower is particularly symbolic due to its unique clear silhouette. A bold center symbolizes the unification of the two together, while the leaves symbolize love, experience, growth and longevity. Daisies are often associated with loyalty.

10th Anniversary 

Power, Flexibility, Beauty, and Endurance. The humble daffodil is the flower most often given to sum up everything the couple have achieved together over the last decadent decade.

What makes daffodils the one? At first glance, it's one of the most inspiring and sunny stems you can give to brighten someone's day. It's lively and fun, a true homage to the wonderful moments the couple have shared over the years.

25th Anniversary 

It is only appropriate to celebrate 25 years with a flower that at its core expresses strength as it stands. Iris decries the strong bond between the two. An elegant, timeless and naturally elegant flower that exudes class from every angle.

Most importantly, it shares some character traits most commonly associated with lasting relationships, including wisdom, hope, and courage.


50th Anniversary 

This anniversary is indeed an opportunity for contemplation. There are no secrets at this stage. There were ups and downs in relationships, and both people became stronger, richer and more loyal than ever.

It's a reflection of a well-lived life, with a connection that only two people who spend so much time together can share.

Is it surprising that this important milestone has not one, but two flowers? Yellow roses are often given as they symbolize positivity, courage and happiness. You can't deny the pure joy that binds two people together at this stage of their lives.

Another option is purple, often associated with simplicity, humility, faith, virtue, and beauty.

Anniversaries are poignant events that deserve recognition


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