Peony Parade

Peony season is here and it's sure to be a thrill for flower lovers everywhere.

These fluffy pink flowers are irresistible. However, it has not always been this way. For a long time, peonies were mostly viewed as a garden plant, and not so much. In fact, they're even considered a bit old-fashioned. But 2021 saw a huge surge in popularity of peonies, with sales increasing by 70%, making them the UK's most popular summer flower.

So what exactly is it about peonies that makes them such a sensation? Here are just a few of their awesome features:

1. Social Media Stars Like so many things, social media has had a huge impact on lending peonies to their cult following among flower lovers. In just a few years, peonies have become increasingly popular on sites like Pinterest and Instagram, and today there are approximately 3. 7 million posts tagged with #peony. ,With Instagram and the hashtag 2.

5 million #peonies. It's easy to see why – Peonies are incredibly photogenic, with impressively large frilly blooms, captivating textures, and beautiful colors.

A peony can grow up to 10 centimeters tall, making it stand out in any bouquet, whether alone or in combination with other popular flowers such as roses and lilies.

2. Short season, Peony season is painfully short, with English peonies usually only blooming for a few weeks between April and June.

This makes peony season an event in itself in the world of flowers and gives peonies an extra appealing touch.

While roses, carnations and other popular flowers are available all year round, peonies are even more special as they are available in a short time.

3.Popular wedding flowers One of the advantages of the peony short season is that it also coincides with:,high season for weddings. This has made them a very popular buttercup for bridal bouquets or as a decorative flower for centerpieces and flower placements.

They also come in a variety of colors to suit different palettes, whether you're looking for vibrant corals, soft pinks or creamy whites and yellows. In the traditional language of flowers, peonies represent romance, grace, dignity, wealth and abundance, making them the perfect symbol for a long and happy marriage.

They are also official flowers to celebrate the twelfth wedding anniversary.

4.Fragrance Peonies have a wonderful scent, along with all their other wonderful properties. Pink and white double peonies have the most pronounced smell.
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