What Colour Flowers Should I Send?

Flowers are considered as one of the most beloved gift all over the world. While some might call them extravagant with so many options available you can be sure there is something for everyone. Flower types are of great importance when they indicate a different feeling, and each species has its own symbolism.

That's the quality that makes them so special!

For those who have no idea about the flower meanings, we are here to help you! The next time you order a bouquet, make sure you know what message you're sending to your loved ones.

Red Flowers

Red Flowers symbolizes love and passion. If you plan to send a bouquet of flowers to your lover, this should be your choice. Red roses are particularly well received when it comes to romantic relationships. Red is also the colour of desire, so it's a great choice when you want to show your commitment to your partner.

While red roses are usually given on occasions such as Valentine's day, anniversaries and birthdays, you can also send a bouquet of Roses at any time to spice up your relationship.

After all, these small gestures are important in the relationship!

Pink Flowers

If RED means passion, pink symbolizes love and happiness, but not necessarily in a romantic way. Pink is the favorite color of women all over the world, so you can choose a fresh, delicate bouquet of flowers for your partner, mother, sister or best friend.

The best thing about Pink is you will find a wide variety of shades including softer tones. You can begin a romantic relationship with the exchange of soft pink flowers, symbolizing elegance, innocence and joy.

Yellow Flowers

Yellow is such a cheerful color that when you pair it with something as cheerful as flowers, you can be sure it will literally cheer everyone up! Yellow flowers are full of happiness, so it would be the right choice to apologize to someone or wish them the best to someone who is sick.

The yellow color also symbolizes friendship, so cheerful sunflowers, roses or orchids will be a good gift for a friend. You can even send a colorful bouquet of flowers to a distant friend to cheer them up.

White Flowers

White is considered the color of purity and innocence. White flowers will be a great gift for newlyweds to congratulate and wish them the best for this new start in their lives. White flowers have a certain elegance, which makes them ideal for celebrating the purity of our bond with our mothers.

You can never go wrong with a beautiful white flower bouquet symbolizing perfection. You can buy white roses, carnations, orchids, lilies and daisies to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, children's parties and weddings.

Blue Flowers

Where red means passion, Blue is the color chosen for long-term couples to symbolize commitment and strength. Blue is an invigorating colour and everyone would be delighted to see a beautiful hydrangea or iris. Blue flowers also create an atmosphere of peace, so they make a great housewarming gift.

Since Blue color is also accepted as a male color, it will be a great choice for your husband, boyfriend, or father. Regardless of gender, flowers are a sympathetic gift loved by all.

Bring intimate messages to your loved ones by carefully choosing the color of the flowers you send. To choose a more festive route for the holidays, you can always mix and match to create vibrant bouquets of flowers for your friends and family.
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