Garden Evergreens For Winter Wonders

Garden Evergreens For Winter Wonders

We have a huge soft spot for evergreen plants and shrubbery. Many people tend to overlook them, thinking that they are boring or take up too much room. However, there are so many different varieties, and not all are green. They add a structural element to the garden when the perennials are dormant and when the leaves fall from the deciduous trees. Box and yew are classics, but there are so many others to choose from.

For example, the perennial Bergenia has leaves that are glossy green in the summer but turn red in the winter. You’ll get to enjoy a late spring flower as a bonus! A great variety of this plant is Bergenia crassifolia “Autumn Red.”

There are also many gorgeous varieties of holly, in both green and variegated forms, perfect for all garden styles. My favourite is the creamy-white ‘Hedgehog Holly’, or Ilex Aquifolium ‘Ferox Argentea’, which has yellow-tipped leaves and pretty red berries in winter.

Hebes are another firm favourite with all at Blooms, from darkest blue to lighter touches of mauve. Small-leafed, fine textured, and evergreen, they are perfect for small shrubberies, window boxes and pots. If you are interested in reading more about these little beauties check out Gardens Illustrated blog post about all things Hebe.

Let us remember the mighty eucalyptus, sporting gorgeous blue-green leaves, but when regularly coppiced makes a pretty winter shrub. It is also surprisingly hardy if you choose the right location and varieties. If you choose to neglect it you will soon be pruning from your upstairs windows.

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