How to keep fresh flowers in the heat!!

Hydration and support

Flowers and leaves use water to support their stems, so if they look sad, they probably need to drink quickly (and support the stronger stems around them)

Remember that in hot weather, you need to be especially careful to ensure that the water is refilled regularly, as it will evaporate faster!

Start Spraying

Keep a fresh water spray bottle next to your flowers and water them from time to time; this will help keep them moist and in better condition for longer.

Don't forget to change the water

Hot air can promote the spread of certain bacteria. Over time, be sure to repeat the care steps described at the top of this article and change the water every few days for your beautiful flowers to bloom.


Keep away from direct sunlight

Do your best to ensure the flowers are not exposed to direct sunlight. Even if the flowers need light to bloom, too many flowers will open very quickly and shorten the life of your bouquet.

Pro Tip

Hot weather or not, as time goes on, some flowers will fade faster than others.

Remove these from your arrangement and put the remaining flowers in smaller vases to extend the enjoyment you get from your flowers.



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